Corcovado Railroad: 100 years of electrification

Estrada de Ferro do Corcovado: 100 anos de eletrificação

Corcovado Railroad: 100 years of electrification is another initiative from Memória da Eletricidade (Memory of Electricity) resulting from studies on the impact of energy industry implementation on the daily life of carioca citizens. The book tells the story of the Corcovado railroad electrification, one of the most famous tourist attractions in Rio de Janeiro. Illustrated by dozens of images, the text dates back to 1824, when D. Pedro I led the group that opened the first trail to the top of the hill, followed by the description of the steam railroad construction, which was opened in 1884 and the electrification works performed by Light in the 20th Century.

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Memória da Eletricidade

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