The Centro da Memória da Eletricidade no Brasil – Memória da Eletricidade (Memory of Electricity Centre in Brazil – Memory of Electricity) is a non-profit cultural entity, organized in 1986 through an Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S.A. – Eletrobras initiative, with the purpose of preserving the history of the electricity industry implementation and development in the country.

With the challenge of highlighting the importance of electric power as an interfering factor in the economy, politics and culture, and as a milestone in the development of all social life aspects of the country, Memória da Eletricidade work is characterized by the implementation of historical heritage preservation actions, and by the researches it carries out on this topic.

Memória da Eletricidade has an interdisciplinary professionals team to meet the pluralist perspectives of its work purpose, and it is supported by companies and agencies of the Brazilian electricity sector.