Energy and urbanization in the city of Rio de Janeiro

Energia elétrica e urbanização brasileira - Rio de Janeiro (1900-1950) (Vídeo)

Through two hundred pictures, the book “Energia elétrica e urbanização na cidade do Rio de Janeiro” (Energy and urbanization in the city of Rio de Janeiro) tells the role of energy in the urbanization of the former federal capital. Over its five chapters, it considers the relations between the development of urban fabric and energy consumption in Rio de Janeiro, including some of the main topics that permeated Rio’s transformation into a modern metropolis: the expansion of means of transportation and lighting services and their impact on the urban mesh; the regular supply of energy to industries and its consequences to the city economy; the evolution of sociability forms, especially those related to recreation; and the verticalization of constructions and changes in domestic habits that deeply altered the concept of living.

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