Electric power and integration in South America

Energia elétrica e integração na América do Sul
Collection of testimonials on cooperation agreements between Brazil and South-American countries in electric power that enabled projects with strong integrating impact such as the Hydro Power Plant Itaipu and the electrical interconnections with Argentina, Uruguay and Venezuela. The testimonials were granted by personalities like the Ministers Mauro Thibau, Antonio Dias Leite and Mario Gibson Barboza and Eletrobras presidents or directors like Mario Bhering, Maurício Schulman, Altino Ventura, Mauro Moreira, José Marcondes Brito de Carvalho, Antonio Carlos Tatit Holtz and Wilson Souza. Nelson da Franca, Luiz Eyer, Pietro Erber and Vasco Soares da Costa were also interviewed. They were head of Eletrobras international affairs department. And Plínio Fonseca, international technical coordinator of the Comissão de Integração Energética Regional – Cier (Regional Energy Integration Commission).

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